What is Praxis about?

Many people share a vision for a future of work that is more human-centered, creative, and fulfilling.

But none of us can make that vision happen alone. We need a tribe of people with a purpose to connect and collaborate with.
However, such people are rare.
They are often freelancers, entrepreneurs, or working within organizations, and lack a space to discuss their ideas, push boundaries, and speak their truth in a supportive environment.
Praxis is my attempt to create such an environment. 
My role is to provide seeds of insight — thought pieces, implementation guides, interviews, case studies, experiments, videos, guest articles — to spark interesting discussions. To help you identify and access new sources of leverage while respecting the unique qualities that make us human.
If you enjoy mind-bending ideas as well as practical results, if you are tired of the same endlessly repeated productivity advice, if you believe work can be a source of profound personal growth, you’ll feel right at home.
I invite you to take these ideas, apply them, reinterpret them, mix and match them, put them to the test, and report back. If we can prototype and experiment together, maybe we can create new ways of thinking and creating that the world so badly needs.
Topics I write about include:
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