What is the tax rate ID for my country to enter in Teachable?

Teachable, Inc is constantly monitoring tax obligations in all markets. 

Tax rates by country

Each country sets its own tax rate, which may change from time to time. Teachable will apply the tax rate set by the country where the purchaser is located.

Teachable Tax ID

Australia Tax ID 72 234 452 747

Canada Tax ID 78769 7101 RT0001

Chile Tax ID 593039102

India Tax ID 9921USA29030OSR

Kenya Tax ID P052046484J

Malaysia Tax ID 21000042

Mexico Tax ID Pending

Moldova Tax ID E840000000020

New Zealand Tax ID 134-728-063

Quebec, Canada Tax ID NR 0002 8509

Russia Tax ID 9909588499

Saskatchewan, Canada Tax ID 7451271

Saudi Arabia Tax ID 311009777800003

Singapore Tax ID M90374082T

Taiwan Tax ID 88196042

*Please visit this Teachable page for more information.

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