Why can't I pre-order the book in my country?

Our ultimate goal is to make this book available in every country in the world we can. I’m determined to make that happen, but it will take time.

The publishing industry is a vast, complex network of relationships, distribution and sales channels, contractual agreements, and licensing rights. Each publisher purchases rights to a certain country or region, and then is only allowed to sell it in that region.

The reason we opened pre-orders so early, primarily in the U.S., and focused on Amazon is to climb the bestseller lists, make a splash, and use the momentum from that initial wave in negotiations with foreign publishers, which are ongoing.

By purchasing the U.S. Kindle or hardcover versions from any retailer, you are adding to that snowball of momentum and giving weight to my literary agency’s negotiations on my behalf.

Basically, we are focusing our efforts on the biggest book market in the world, the United States, to prove to publishers and distributors around the world that there is existing demand for this book. As soon as we have a way to distribute the book in your country, we will.

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