Is this course right for me?

The silos that once separated certain professions are breaking down. 

Even the most established companies are looking for leaders who can take on ambitious initiatives. Even the most secure employees need to develop a body of knowledge to leverage for their next career move. And it never hurts to have a side project or extra income stream in these uncertain times.
In Building a Second Brain, we’ll dive into how to create a trusted system for collecting and organizing all the best ideas, insights, facts, quotes, and research you encounter. A system that has been tested by some of the top productivity experts in the world, and adopted by thousands of students. A system that just works.
I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart a career than starting a collection of notes that compounds and grows over time. Just like financial investing, investing in your knowledge benefits tremendously from starting early. 
Ultimately only you can decide if this course is right for you. Our most successful students are driven, curious, and excited about making an impact in their work. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to join us. 
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